Course Structure

  • Educate

    Enlite Virtual Experience provides you with the tools and resources to get active in your health.

  • Build The Foundation

    After we gain awareness of our goals, we help cultivate a roadmap to build a foundation of vitality.

  • Perform

    Consistency Is Key! We discuss how to maintain a process that fits for your healthy lifestyle.

Course Curriculum

    1. Your Health, Your Responsibility!

    2. The 3 P's

    3. C.R.A.M. Your Goals Workshop

    4. Conquer The Simple

    1. 70/20/10 Rule

    2. Nutrition Made Simple

    3. Structured vs Non-Structured Activity

    4. 3 Energy Pillars

    1. Build Your Foundation

    2. Measure Your Progress

    3. Conquer With Consistency

About this course

  • $59.99
  • 11 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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